Twins dress up as modern versions of classic Disney characters using vintage fashion

If you’re a twin and you’re not doing cosplays on Instagram, you’re wasting your potential. Learn from the example of Danielle and Nicole Harry, identical twins both aged 25. They’ve made names for themselves on social media by dressing up as modern versions of classic Disney characters, from Frozen’s Anna and Elsa to Lilo and... Read more (Metro, UK)

17 Disney Bounding Outfit Ideas That Could Turn You Into a Full-On Princess

Gotta tell ya, I’m pretty new to this whole Disney bounding thing. At first, I thought, Why would anyone go out of their way to plan an entire outfit based on a fictional character? But then I fell down a rabbit hole looking at thousands of pics captioned #Disneybounding on Instagram. My thought process quickly went from “Why?” to “This is kinda cute” to “Man, I need to plan a trip to... Read more (Cosmopolitan, UK)

Nicole and Danielle, the twins who dress like Disney characters or TV series

Raise your hand if you have never had a hard time looking for a Carnival costume that was cute and innovative. On social media, outfits stolen from Disney cartoons and iconic characters from television series are becoming more and more popular. Among the most famous are the twins Nicole and Danielle who with simplicity and imagination give life to their favorite protagonists... Read more (Fanpage, Italy)

Dress up in the style of famous cartoons with your best friends

Do you have any ideas for dressing up with your best friends yet? Dress up in simple clothes for a match. Today, Sanook has a chic outfit idea from @bettyberry's Instagran, Danielle & Nicole are twin sisters who have inspired outfits from famous cartoons so you can match with your best friends in a cool and cute way... Read more (Sanook, Thailand)

Trends in the '80s - Vintage style "hot" is back

Have you participated in this "back in time" beautiful dress challenge? In the midst of the long-standing COVID-19 pandemic, creative and entertaining content on social media are tools to help us release stress. Most recently, the TikTok community in Vietnam co-promotes the vintage style from the 80s with the hashtag #xuhuongthapnien80. The classic items from parents' wardrobe are used by denizens to "turn back time". More than just the dressing challenge, this recycling of old clothes can give you more vintage matching ideas. If you still don't know where to start, here are some suggested items that you can "borrow" from your parents' locker... Read more (Elle, Vietnam)

Sisters Show What Famous Characters Would Like in Real Life Using Only Vintage Clothing

Danielle and Nicole are twins and they both live in the UK. Since they were very young, they loved playing with clothes and trying new styles and unique combinations. They even worked in the fashion industry for a while. But their love for design and creativity, together with their ecological awareness, led them to start their own brand of vintage clothing called Betty Berry in order to reduce our ecological footprint. The name is inspired by... Read more (Brightside, UK & Genial, Spain)

Twin sisters famous for imitating cartoon characters

Danielle and Nicole Harry (25 years old, from Portsmouth, UK) attracted online attention for their ability to cosplay into modern versions of famous cartoon characters. Most of the characters "imitated" by the two sisters have an affinity close to young audiences such as Elsa, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, superheroes Powerpuff Girls, Pinocchio, Cinderella... Read more (Zing, Vietnam)